Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great Wall Half Marathon or Yangzhou Half Marathon

Well, a group of guys who ran the Great Wall Half Marathon are planning on making a trip back to run the wall again. They have invited me to run with them. I few years ago when I would come to China on business, I thought about running this half marathon. It really interested me to think about running on the wall. This year the marathon will be run on May 16th.

There is another spring half marathon that is run closer to home. It is the Yangzhou Half Marathon. This half marathon will be held on April 26. It is located about an hour away from Nanjing.

The Great Wall half would be something special to run. Not everyone gets to run the wall. The only downside to this event is that it is suited mainly for foreign runners. I consider the price to be quite high and definitely out of budget. As an expat living in China, it would cost me 6155 RMB ($898 US) to make the trip to Beijing by train, stay in a four star hotel for three nights, do the recon trip and then do the run. For this price, I am sure I will not be running with many locals. I would hate to see the price people pay for this trip just to come to China to run the wall. It is truly sold and costs like a once in a lifetime event.

The Yangzhou half is an annual event. It starts and finishes inside a stadium, with a tour of Yangzhou. This race will definitely have many locals running along side many professionals. I calculate the budget to be below 1500 RMB ($219 US) to make the trip by train or bus, stay one night in a four star hotel, and then do the run. I could consider this a once in a lifetime event. Maybe with the present economic crisis, I won't be here to run it next year.

Well, I am considering running Yangzhou. I would be able to run with the locals. In these economic times it is the frugal and correct event to choose and it could quite possibly be a once in a lifetime event.

What would you do?


asunsun said...

I would join the Yangzhou Half Marathon this year, and then try the Great Wall Marathon next year.

The Great Wall Marathon is so expensive because it is organized by a Danish company and targetting mainly foreigner.

This year they do have "The North Face Run" with much cheaper price.
It has 100k, 40k, and 10k race. However it is hold on the same day as the Yangzhou Half Marathon.

Some pictures from the previous Yangzhou Half Marathon 2007 and 2008 events can be seen on the link.

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